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Construction and field services


We strive to meet client expectations on all phases of a project and beyond. Irrespective of the industry or its location, we maintain the highest standards of materials and constructability to ensure outstanding project results and outstanding performance of the asset throughout its life cycle.

We are experienced in all forms of modular construction and pre-assembly, constantly challenging the status quo to optimise the execution model.

We deliver safe, cost effective solutions, overcoming market challenges for logistics and construction resources.  We have the personnel to maintain the asset through its entire life cycle. This full-service capability assures clients their asset will be diligently overseen and maintained throughout its productive life with minimal disruption or downtime.

  • Civil site and infrastructure design

Facilities engineering and design

  • Industrial water treatment

Construction engineering/inspection and construction management

Engineering, procurement, construction management (EPCM)

Decommissioning and demolition planning